Second PI Meeting

Location: Carriage House, Quissett Campus, WHOI
Dates: 19-20 September 2005
Time: Start on 9/19 at 8AM, End on 9/20 at 3PM


  1. present & discuss new scientific results/ideas that might impact CLIMODE thinking and the upcoming field program
  2. Get to specifics of logistics for deployments in our first field year, beginning in November & including a Jan/Feb cruise
  3. What data/model output sharing policies do we need to follow to inform PIs of what is available & allow sharing of these results within CLIMODE
  4. Make ourselves aware of other, related work either funded or planned that may impact CLIMODE (KESS,Lozier,Bane,Doney,Ferrari).


Map of Quissett Campus

PI Contributions to Discussion

Group Photo



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