Initial PI Meeting

Location: MIT, Green Bldg., 54-322
Dates: 4,5 November 2004
Time: Start on 11/4 at 10 AM, End on 11/5 at 1 PM


  1. present & discuss our individual plans for research in CLIMODE
  2. in the light of budget cutting, we need to make sure that the scientific areas [air-sea interaction, eddies & mixing, subduction & circulation, and modeling] are cohesive and all leading towards our overall science goals
  3. we need to discuss what kinds of programmatic results are needed [e.g. imagery for cruise planning; revised Walin-type calculation with updated air-sea flux products; access to non-CLIMODE sources of data; ways of sharing ideas,  data, and model runs, etc.]
  4. make ourselves aware of other, related work either funded or planned that may impact CLIMODE


PI Contributions to Discussion

Discussion Summary



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