April 5, 2006 Meeting

An informal New England area CLIMODE PI Meeting, organized by T. Joyce & J. Marshall, occured at WHOI on 5 April. Our goal was to exchange new information following the winter cruise. Some presentations from J. Edson, R. Weller (via postdoc Seb Bigorre), Terry Joyce, Leif Thomas, Dave Fratantoni, John Toole (via T. Joyce), and John Marshall. The MIT group will be investigating the possible use of coupled models to study air-sea feedbacks in CLIMODE using, initially, a coarse-resolution, global atmospheric model and a regional ocean model. The CLIMODE group also discused the desirability of having a password-protected CLIMODE data server, allowing preliminary results to be shared, and the need to prepare an article on CLIMODE for BAMS this summer (2006).



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