Draft Agenda ver 1

September 19, 2005
800 AM Continental Breakfast
900 AM Welcome, logistics, agenda (Joyce)
930 AM Scientific Issues for CLIMODE (Marshall:Modeling, A/S Interaction, Eddies/Mixing,Subduction/Circulation)
1030 AM Coffee Break
1045 AM Scientific Issues, cont. (Marshall et al.)
1200 AM Lunch
100 PM Observational Plans (Fratantoni: Moored & Langrangian measurements)
300 PM Coffee Break
315 PM Observational Plans, cont. (Joyce: November & January cruises)
600 PM PM Dinner
September 20, 2005
800 AM Continental Breakfast
900 AM Observational Plans cont. (Kelly: satellite, radiosondes, mesoscale modeling, aircraft)
1030 AM Coffee Break
1045 AM Data & Model output tracking & sharing (Joyce)
1200 PM Lunch
100 PM New initiatives, CPT Interaction (Bane, Lozier, Doney, Ferrari)
200 PM Unfinished Business, AGU Session for next PI Meeting (Dec 2006?)
300 PM Adjourn

  Notes:Only discussion leaders are indicated. Participation will include ALL PIs. Scientific issues are things PIs have done that 1) they think affects aspects of CLIMODE beyond their own interest and, 2) might affect the observational and or modeling program. Observational plans are the specifics: where are moorings, how many floats, drifters & when deployed, data needed for CLIMODE cruise support & modeling. We need to track data & model output and make sure that they are accessible to all PIs.