November 4, 2004
1000 AM Welcome, local logistics, John Marshall
1015 AM Goals for PI Meeting, Terry Joyce
1030 AM Begin Scientific Discussion - Water Mass Transformation - Marshall
1100 AM Air Sea Interaction -Weller, Edson, [Kelly], Samelson, Skyllingstad
1230 PM [Working lunch] - Eddies and Mixing -Joyce, Toole, Lumpkin, [Gregg]
130 PM Circulation and Subduction -[Talley], Fratantoni, Sloyan
230 PM Modeling -Dewar, Marshall, Ferrari
330 PM Break for Coffee
400 PM Discussion of PI/Science Links: needed, missing -Marshall, Joyce
530 PM Break for Dinner
November 5, 2004
900 AM Programmatic Needs
Formation Rate Calculations, Subduction Zones -what calculations are you or your students starting to make?
Web Site, ways of sharing data, models output, ideas, access to data for cruise planning/support
1030 AM Coffee Break
1045 AM Other CLIMODE-related work [CPT, bio-geo-chem initiative, ...]
1200 PM Unresolved Issues, need for follow-up session at AGU for some PIs
100 PM Adjourn